Yard Sale Treasure Hunting

I experienced my first yard sale ever, the end of summer last year. Some of you would find that unbelievable, and some of you might be able to relate, because you’ve never been to any yard sales either.

So, we caught the last four weeks of yard sales, as they were winding down and surrendering to colder days. It seemed to me as though God was really looking out for us during those four weeks, because we found several useful items that our family could us and was in some cases planning to buy from the store, e.g. car seats, snow suits, a good quality vacuum cleaner for $5.00, awesome children clothing, boots I wore the entire Fall season for $1.00 and so much more.

Needless to say. When yard sales season came around again the beginning of Spring, I was very excited. At the end of last year’s yard sales season, we found a lot of big-ticket items that we really could have used. This yard sale season is about finding small useful items such as clothes, shoes, art supplies, school supplies, hobby items, etc.

Since yard sales season begun the spring, I have been to many yard sales. I do this every weekend. I really enjoy it and love to see what treasures I find. I always seem to find some hidden treasure at each sale I go to.

I try very hard to not bring home or accumulate unnecessary things, not over pay for something that I could get from the store brand new for only a little extra, and not to bring things that I won’t get to use for a very long time.

I look out for things that could help my children to learn and grow. And clothes and shoes, because kids destroy and grow out of those things quickly, so the least you can pay for them the better.

So here are lists of most of the treasures I found so far:

Hobby Fun for Mom: scrapbooks (3), photo albums (4), scrapbooking supplies (fonts, stamps, etc), puzzles (3), Gift Wrap Hanging Organizer

Family Fun: Board games-Scrabble ($5), Taboo ($2)

Kids Learning and Fun – Crayola Crayon Maker ($5) and Marker Airbrush Spry Kit ($2), a container of random arts and craft supplies ($3), Playdough (and Playdough cutters, etc), A big container of Legos Duplo ($10), lots of educational and fun books, including some drawing ones (my kid’s love to draw), Brain Quest States Game, Eric Carle ABC Game, a pair of arm floaties, a splash ring and an old fashioned rocking horse- we almost bought a lesser quality one for $20- we got the one we bought for $7)

For My Daughter (10 years old)- An all set up aquarium with pump, and everything ($8), a big jewelry box ($10), A 2012 Special Edition Victorian Barbie Doll, pretty shirts-summer and fall, other pretty girl clothing, shoes, a Fabric Memo board, décor for her bedroom wall, Jewelry, 2 beautiful old fashion dolls, yarn, knitting stuff, etc.

Toys For the Boys- Transformer toys, a Stand or Sit down piano gym ($3) nd a bunch of other .10 cents or free knick knacks.

Things to Wear- for me- two nice shirts, 1 pants, shoes for my husband (New Balance), shorts for the boys, snow boats for the boys, 2 brand new pairs of Spiderman Sneakers, socks for the boys

For the Home- A bunch of Magazine holders (school books, etc), Cookbooks, Picture frames, wall art, decorative plates set, a Fun-Shaped Baking Tubes Set -Star, Heart, Flower, baskets, a lamp, Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum, ThermwWare Cool & Carry Food Carrier ($2), an awesome baby gate ($10) and holiday décor- Standing Stocking Holder, A giant homemade outdoor (unique) Christmas train, battery operated Christmas lights (4 boxes), 3 pc Santa and Reindeer Set, etc.

Garden and Lawn- Mesh Watering Can Decoration ($1), Old Small Fashion Tricycle with Basket of fake flowers at the front and streamers at the sides

They may not all be what we need, but they are all things we are to use and enjoy using. You just can’t beat a yard sale price. I look forward to what treasures I will find next weekend.

Thanks for Reading!