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God has gifted me the opportunity to bring five boys into this world. Four of them are with us now and one of them, God called him home five days after he was born.  I’ll be sharing a little bit about what I have observed about their personalities, likes and struggles.

Boy # 1- The Mathematician (November 2009)

He is currently seven years, almost eight. Unlike my daughter, he thrives on math and logic. He is also artistic and creative, and likes doing a lot of the same things his sister likes doing, at least right now. They usually get along in the things they do together. He likes to draw, create and build stuff. He is witty, clever, thoughtful, single-minded and persistent.

He can be very intense and dramatic at times, when things don’t go the way he wants them too. He struggles with honesty and patience. He loves his fruits and vegetables more than most typically enjoyed kid fun foods (I love that about him).

He is more individualistic, than his sister is. He can play by himself or go somewhere and not make friends and be okay with that. He likes when someone read him stories, even though he could read them for himself. He like s’mores, dinosaurs, origami and collecting feathers (at the moment).

Boy # 2- The Angel (November 2011)

Born and died about a week before Thanksgiving. How he died is a long story. You can read about it here, here and here. Obviously, I don’t know what his personality would have been like. I just envisioned in my mind that he would have been a peacemaker. The voice of reason and balance between all my very active and spirited children. I envisioned he would have shared his story to anyone who’d listen, every child, every adult. Then one day he’d grow up to be a pastor. And he would change many other lives, just as he had changed ours.

Boy # 3- The Bugman (June 2013)

The Bugman is now four years old. I used to call him my firecracker toddler and I wrote about that here. Why I called him that was because of how fiery-spirited/passionate he was, from the very beginning to this day. What I observed about him, so far from the four years I have known him is how engaged he is in whatever he is interested in. When he is interested in something, he can’t seem to focus his mind on anything else, other than things related to that thing.

He is sociable, engaging, intuitive, single-minded, and emotional. His emotions transform the emotions of others. You want to make him happy, because it gives you a feeling of deep satisfaction, and his sadness makes you feel very sad. Though, that may be something that happens with most kids, with him it goes deeper than that. His emotions are strong and they highly affect the emotions of others. He struggles with anger, vengefulness and disobedience. So far, he has been passionate about Halloween, drawing, the outdoors, spiders, bugs, worm hunting (for fishing purposes).

Boy # 4-The Runner (October 2014)

The Runner is almost three years old and he seems to be more easy-going than the others. He doesn’t need the same kind of motivation the others need to do certain things. He is very determined and self-motivated. His only motivation seems to be the mindset “If you can do it, so can I,” the idea that he may be younger or smaller is never a deterrent. He just does things and catches up without any mommy gimmicks or tricks. A simple high-five, hug, kiss, “good job, son,” and the satisfaction of knowing he has not been left behind or left-out is good enough for him. The runner has a very cute face and sweet smile. You just want to hug him and kiss him all day. You just love his sweet smile.

He is very helpful. He is guaranteed to be the child who help in whatever way he can, competing with the other children to be the first to help with the task at hand. He is in tuned with the people around him, and only must hear you call for help once and he comes running, even if you weren’t talking to him. He has a great understanding of things and is our best child for running errands. He is strong, active, determined and can be quite stubborn. I sense his interest will differ from the others. I sense he will be into a lot of active activities. He likes toy cars and riding bikes. I will learn more about him as the years go by.

Boy # 5- Smiley Face (March 2016)

Smiley Face is currently one-year old and he seems to have a little bit of all his sibling’s personalities in him. He seems adventurous, curious, fearless, and happy. He is great at communicating his needs and wants. He reminds me most of his brother before him, The Runner; Self-motivated and doesn’t want to be left behind or left out. He also seems under the opinion that “If you can do it, so can I,” the idea that he may be younger or smaller is not a deterrent to him either. He smiles and laughs a lot, and I’m sure loves being the little brother to so many sibs (siblings).

I look forward to going on this family adventure with these boys and my one and only princess. I look forward to seeing who they become. So far, so wonderful!