Our One and Only Pre-Teen Princess, Miss Sunflower 2017-08-19T12:13:40+00:00

She is our first born and our only daughter. Since her, God has blessed us with 5 boys. She is a combination of the best qualities of her father and I, with signs of our worst peeking through. She is currently now entering her preteen girlhood.

She is a wonderful daughter, a great big sister and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

She is very creative, artistic, smart, intuitive and social. She learns quickly just like her dad, and just like her mom has a brain full of bright ideas.
Her biggest challenges are focus, self-control, gentleness and sometimes a little bit of selfishness.

When she puts her mind to something she gives it her all, lets nothing get in her way and she does it well. When she doesn’t want to do something, she whines, she complains, she cries, we push. But ultimately, she doesn’t do it very well.

She hates math, and boy, math has been her arch nemesis during the last few years of her school life. Not that she is bad at it; when she gets it, she is good at it, but she often sets her mind up to believe she isn’t and does not give it her best. She usually takes a long time to complete her math assignments.

She however, loves language arts, art, writing and reading. She also loves sewing and cooking. She sings and is learning to play the flute and piano. She has sung solos at church many times, she sung in choirs a few times, but she seems to be a stronger performer as a soloist. She entered a singing competition when she was 6 years old and did very well, but she was competing against more seasoned and older young performs, so she did not place in the competition.

The year she went to public school (4th grade), she played the flute with the school band and sang with school choir in the Spring and Winter concerts.
She recently won three red ribbons for baking, art and a goat information poster at a 4H expo. She loves 4H.

She loves her friends, mermaids, poetry, sunflowers, Shopkins, Scooby-Doo, nail polish, fashion, playing games on her tablet and pretty girl things.

But wait, there’s more………

My words couldn’t do her justice, but she is our treasured gift from God. We thank God for her.